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Protect Our Democracy

  • Opposed House Bill 1 – “The Anti Rioting Act.” This bill makes it a crime for two or more individuals to assemble on public rights aways during a protest if it is deemed by law enforcement to be for an unlawful purpose.  

  • Opposed Senate Bill 90 – “Voter Suppression Bill.” This bill makes it a crime if a person takes more than his/her ballot and one other family member ballot to the election’s office. 

    • It reduces the hours of the Supervisor of Elections. Eliminates Drop Boxes. Makes it a crime to provide water or other substance to voters in line on election day.   

  • Opposed “Race Neutral Legislation” that eliminated two Congressional Minority seats in Florida.  

  • Opposed HB-7 – “Stop Woke Act”- which bands discussion of race in our schools and workplace.

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